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How Digital Currencies Help Create Real-World Solutions, Explained CoinTelegraph - 4 months ago Going even further, there are organizations, that have taken the concept of real-world business incubators and adapted it to the Blockchain industry.Blockchain platform Komodo introduces decentralized ICOs with more developments underway CryptoNinjas - 5 days ago Being that Komodo is the successor coin of Bitcoindark, it is a privacy centered coin with Zcash technology and a new delayed-proof-of-work (dPoW) consensus mechanism that uses Bitcoin hashrate to.

This is really a PR disaster for a company where security should be absolutely paramount.Description: A Software for consumers, webmasters, advertisers, and advertising data management platforms within a RTB (Real Time Bidding) framework.ARK is an advanced blockchain-based decentralized digital asset token that is aimed towards getting.Humaniq Launches Financial Inclusion Use Case in Ghana (blog) - 5 days ago Humaniq, a start-up providing services to the unbanked based on blockchain technology and biometric identification, has announced the next phase in its roadmap as it launches its Ghana Use Case with.Golem is a global, open sourced, decentralized supercomputer that anyone can access.

ICO Update: Creativechain Chasing the Dragon, Time to Buy Agrello.Promoted by Grammarly. Look into subreddit channels related to ethtrader, antshares (NEO) etc.The platform is built around the digital currency VIVA COIN with a primary focus on stability.Images and videos in instagram about cryprocurrency, instagramviewer, Instagram.New Slack Scam Causes Edgeless ICO Investor to Lose 200 Ether newsBTC - 2 hours ago The Edgeless ICO is no different in this regard, even though the crowdsale ended some time ago.Blockchain Startup Respectonomy Finalises ICO Details, Launches Whitepaper and Bounty Programme Blockchain News - 8 months ago Respectonomy began as a group of developers who wanted to make a community for content creators to earn money.

The ICO was initiated on February 26, 2017, 10:00 am, after its announcement following the establishment of a.Blockchain Startup AdEx, a Decentralized Ad Platform Developer to Launch a Token Sale Blockchain News - 3 months ago In order to effectively manage the perfect supply of native tokens for the token sale, AdEx has partnered with the WINGS Foundation, the developer of WINGS DAO.More than 18,000,000 of the total 30,000,000 OAX tokens were sold in the first.Equibit unveils first look at digital wallet for blockchain securities CryptoNinjas - 1 month ago Equibit Group, the creator of the Equibit blockchain and blockchain applications for the global securities industry, has unveiled its first look at Portfolio, its new digital wallet for the Equibit.The EthTrader sub Reddit is a good place to find some of these exchanges as well as.

ARK Integration with Ledger Hardware Wallets, Upcoming Developments (blog) - 6 days ago The ARK Blockchain has added its Delegated-Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) ARK token to the Ledger hardware wallet to enable a secure method for storing the cryptocurrency offline.Bitcoin Blockchain-based Digital Assets Are Becoming The New Rage The Merkle - 12 months ago Several new projects have launched, all of which make use of this particular platform to issue tokens.Description: A platform that allows users to publish creative and scientific ideas in the field of decentralized technologies and seek funding for their implementation.Players of Minecraft, for instance, have had the option of using Bitcoin to purchase store.Going into the second half of 2018, and the release of a Melonport, a new.The show you not want to miss out on the Rap of Old school of Gangsta.

Blackmoon to ICO its blockchain-based platform for tokenized investment funds TechCrunch - 2 weeks ago As the Blockchain and Crypto world gathers pace, vehicles to allow for the creation, promotion and management of crypto investment funds are growing.The ICO Solution for Centralized Businesses to Adopt Blockchain Technologies.Top 6 Cryptocurrency ICOs During the First Half of 2017 The Merkle - 2 months ago The MobileGo project is quite interesting.Initial Coin Offerings, Token Sales, and the Wild West of Venture Capitalism The Market Mogul - 3 months ago Unlike the IPO of traditional capital markets, coins (or tokens) issued to investors do not represent an equity stake in the business itself, nor do they pay dividends based on periodic cash flows.Quote from: cryptothreads on August 22, 2017, 12:55:34 PM This is bad for potential future ICO projects.Other exchanges planning contingencies in the event of a chain split include.

It can also be used as a basis for other tokens and financial instruments that have yet to be imagined.Rather than assuming the technology offered is providing the lean.Allows users to summon creatures into the world to battle against your enemies and foes.How they will payback thr money they took from the investors.Bitcoin Rebranding in Japan: BitGirls TV Show To Sugarcoat Mt.Gox Drama CoinTelegraph - 12 months ago Japan is about to experience a cryptocurrency-themed TV show called BitGirls.Description: A scalable blockchain platform that enables high-speed transacting, purely-functional smart contracts, and decentralized oracles.Blockchain asset management platform ICONOMI now open to public CryptoNinjas - 1 month ago ICONOMI, a digital asset management platform for the distributed economy has reached its next major development milestone.It is open source software written in C, based on the original framework of CPU miner.Bitcoin exchanges announce contingency plan for hard fork split Brave New Coin - 6 months ago Once the fork is released, there will be two separate blockchains, even though they contain identical transaction histories.

I noticed AntShares because of its goofy name and decided to.Interview With Poker Pro Turned Bitcoin Entrepreneur HighstakesDB - 4 weeks ago It would be true to say that Dean Nolan, the founder and CEO of BetKing, was ahead of his time as far as realising the potential of cryptocurreny within the gaming industry.It aims to create a decentralized cloud and set up a marketplace for computing resources.BMW 330e iPerformance Model Thoroughly Explained in 10 Minute Video BMWBLOG (blog) - 12 months ago Thanks to instant torque being sent to the rear wheels, the 330e is impressive in almost any given situation, even if the battery is drained, eBoost kicks in from time to time.ICO: Three Ways of Conducting It, and How Companies Choose One CoinTelegraph - 4 months ago. reached out to two companies.The platform will use crowdsourced bandwidth to create a network of globally.It consists of an Stock exchange, as well as a merchant, wallets, trading terminals, cards and a protected communication channel.Blockchain Project Waves launches landmark USD gateway Blockchain News - 3 months ago Waves Platform has kicked off their USD gateway which is now live within the client.

PR: CryptoPing Launches Subscription-Based Signal Bot Service Bitcoin News (press release) - 2 months ago CryptoPing is a signal bot that indicates when specific trading thresholds have been broken a host of cryptocoins.How Estonia Brought Blockchain Closer to Citizens: GovTech Case Studies CoinTelegraph - 6 months ago Concurrently, the eHealth Foundation of Estonia along with Guardtime, a developer of keyless signature infrastructure (KSI) technology, has focused on transferring medical records into the.The Blackmoon Crypto Platform will be the one-stop solution for asset managers to create and manage tokenized funds.Why Creating a Universal Blockchain Is the Final Step for Mass Adoption The Market Mogul - 2 months ago Last year, one saw the emergence of precious metal-backed tokens and derivatives, entirely new asset classes representing entire ecosystems and even ETF tokens to invest into other blockchain assets.Storj launched its own cloud-based file storage blockchain in.Komodo Aims to Make Blockchain Accessible to Everyone with Its Cryptocurrency Platform newsBTC - 10 months ago But Komodo, the ZCash based platform is going to change that.The fundamentals of cryptocurrency Ethereum explained by Sia Partners - 1 month ago. marketplace.Live Bitcoin News - 4 months ago Voise platform is open to all and runs on Ethereum blockchain.

One of these projects is Cosmos, a network and a framework for interoperability.How Exscudo Helps You To Store Cryptocurrencies Blockchain News - 4 months ago Exscudo solutions are based on EON Blockchain, which has in itself a fundamental innovation of Blockchain archivation so that every user who downloads the complete EON Blockchain will not have to.Below is a list of newsfeeds for past ICOs which is updated constantly.

Can Brendan Eich Create A Brave New World of Blockchain-Based Digital Advertising.Exscudo, Blockchain Financial Services Provider Launches ICO Blockchain News - 5 months ago The digital valuable Exscudo offers for crowdsale is called EON.Senate GOP tries one last time to repeal Obamacare Politico - 20 hours ago Obamacare repeal is on the brink of coming back from the dead.Forbes - 2 months ago DCT is the cryptocurrency of DECENT Network and the fuel that makes it run.Description: New standard for cryptocurrency security and anonymity.The platform has been raising funds since the beginning of this.The Open ANX Foundation Closes Token Sale Ahead of Schedule CryptoCoinsNews - 2 months ago The openANX Foundation Limited closed the OAX Token Sale ahead of schedule after surpassing its initial funding goal. openANX technology addresses in a distributed manner credit risk markets,.

Indorse Announces Token Airdrop ETHNews - 3 weeks ago On August 28, 2017, Ethereum blockchain -based professional social media network Indorse announced it would airdrop 65,000 IND tokens to holders of TenX (PAY), Digix (DGD), CoinDash (CDT), and 0x.Chatbots on Blockchain, Crowdfunding Through WINGS (blog) - 6 days ago A new generation of chatbots are set to be created on a blockchain-based platform developed by MiniApps.

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